Monae Miller | The Passionate Realm Meets an Artistic Being
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The Passionate Realm Meets an Artistic Being


The Passionate Realm Meets an Artistic Being

Yako XIIII met the most interesting individual in my travels through the Austin music scene. He goes by the name Yako XIII and has been a blessing every time I come in contact with him. On the surface he seems like a peculiar individual but I have been spending more time getting to know his passions and where his creativity stems from. I love his energy and love of art. We share many likes and dislikes. I told him my mom used to call me sunshine and I imagine I am the sun and all my flowers giggle and undress for the taking. He said he is the moon that reflects the sun’s light in all its glory. We groove. We ride. We were meant to connect in some way and create what was not there before. I have so many high hopes for what will come out of this partnership. His artful eye mixed with a bit of charisma and charm has won me over hands down. We will be dropping some new music and art soon as we collaborate. Join us on this journey. Follow me on social media @monaemiller and @monaemillermusic.

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