In the Meadow

God always seems to amaze me with how he creates beautiful things out of the seemingly unattractive. I was thinking about the meadow and the field as they go through seasons of barren patches of dirt to lush vegetation and I was reminded of relationships. I believe that relationships go through the same seasons and the harvest is plentiful if you tend to the field when the time is right.
I have professional relationships that have grown to more personal ones from just planting seeds of love and compassion and waiting for them to grow into a deeper connection. I love studying psychology and more specifically natural human behavior or habits. It is human nature to want to be loved and cared for. We have an innate need for attention from those that we care about as well. So, I would like to focus on the relationships that grow from unexpected places.
Do you remember the movie Twilight? I know…just stay with me here. I loved the scene with the meadow because that was where Bella and Edward were most intimate in the midst of nature. Their relationship seemed to bloom here because as they were in tune with each other, they were connected to their natural being in the meadow. I think God wants us to cultivate relationships in this same way. If you would like to draw closer to another then you need to spend some alone time with them or at least quality time where they have your undivided attention. This is especially hard with all the distractions of technology everywhere. I sure hope this social media craze will soon pass. Seems like the only way to connect with some it through the disconnected social media outlets. As we detach emotionally, we attach physically to the barriers that keep us from human interaction – technology.
I challenge you and myself to just go with God in the “meadow” where you can be one with him and his creation. It does not have to be outside but it does need to be disconnected from the distractions of life. Just spend 20 minutes a day and I know this investment alone will begin to give a return far greater than the time that was lost. He can give a voice to your heart as you rest in his peace. I encourage you to cultivate those positive relationships and be sure they grow into healthy connections full of accountability and love. Feel free to ask me a question using #AskMonae on any social media platforms @monaemiller.

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