Monae Miller

Monae Miller has always been a fan of music. Growing up in Austin, TX, she was introduced into Gospel Music by chance when her mother signed her up for the youth choir at age 16.  Monae had been taking piano lessons since she was 8, studying classical piano, but singing and playing Gospel Music was new. During her teen years, she discovered her gift in music ministry. She went on to lead the choir and the band, sing in a few local community choirs, and continue studying music.

Monae married Kyle Miller in 2006 and moved to Dallas, TX where they have helped build new ministries in the DFW Metroplex. Monae always knew that her purpose was in music and her love for God was always prevelent whenever she opened her mouth to sing.

In 2008, Monae and Kyle founded an outreach ministry called The Gospel Jam where the purpose was to bring the good news to the community by providing Christian artists a platform to minister outside of the church walls. Monae and Kyle’s ministry is dedicated to liberating the praise in each individual by encouraging them to praise God in their own unique way. John 4:24 says “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

In 2009, Monae released her debut EP entitled “I’m On My Way” signifying a major milestone in her music ministry. This release was followed by the single “For Me” in 2010. Since then, Monae began learning to play the guitar which has introduced her to a completely different way to worship and listen to God. Stay tuned for an upcoming acoustic project.

Past Venues
House of BluesSanfoka of AddisonOpening Bell CafeMochalux Coffee and Tea CompanyBackbeat CafeThe Hydrant CafeSouthside on Lamar

Past Shows
Monae Miller Unplugged
The Alternative
House of Blues Easter Gospel Brunch

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