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Monae Miller is a Wife, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, and Gospel Guitarist

I am an Austin native gospel singer, songwriter, producer, and worship leader. I have written and produced two musical projects and am currently working with new producers for a third. I have many life experiences that qualify me to speak, write, and teach about servant leadership and music ministry. I hope to inspire others to achieve their goals through faith, love, and ministry.

My music has been featured on KHVN Heaven 97, KRNB Smooth R&B 105.7FM, and DFWPraise.com to name a few. Many have praised me for creating authentic worship experiences.



I am an Austin native gospel singer, songwriter, producer, and worship leader. In 2009, I released my debut EP with title track “I’m On My Way,” which was the very first song I ever wrote. I have collaborated with many notable producers, songwriters, and artists over the years including Quentin Moore, Dwayne Pugh, Archbishop Sterling Lands, II, and Femi Ojetunde. My music is Gospel and it captivates people by evoking a spiritual connection with the lyrics and music.

My musical inspirations are artists such as Nina Simone, Jill Scott, Tweet, India Arie, and Erykah Badu. I was devoted to the smooth R&B sounds of the 90’s. At eight years old, I started training in classical piano for 10 years. I attended The University of Texas at Austin majoring in biochemistry, married after graduating and relocated to Dallas where I began my musical career.

I became a worship leader at a small church in Dallas where I continued to hone my musical talents while drawing closer to the Lord. Health issues over a period of several years sidelined me from music but after healing and restoration I used my testimony to write my second EP titled #ForeverAlive released in December 2016.

I write music from the heart and it speaks to anyone who will listen. In my present ministry role as Worship Leader, I enjoy the responsibility of helping to engage the congregation in corporate worship and selecting songs that contribute to the overall worship experience. I have occupied every position from a beginner band member (piano) to band director where I was responsible for writing songs, teaching songs, leading worship, and facilitating practices.

Writing songs and collaborating with other songwriters is my passion. I get inspiration from sermons, personal bible study, or life experiences. My music publishing company, Monae Miller Music, is responsible for publishing songs and promoting gospel music to various musical outlets. I am available to lead worship for other church ministries or events. My music has been featured on KHVN Heaven 97KRNB Smooth R&B 105.7FM, and DFWPraise.com to name a few. My style of music has been compared to Erykah BaduJill ScottLisa McClendon, and India Arie.



Women in Leadership

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The Adam Complex

The Struggle is Real Humanity is struggling with the same things that Adam struggled with long ago: what is right and wrong? Adam is a symbol of humanity as he and Eve took of the “forbidden fruit” to gain the wisdom of God. Everyone is searching for purpose, meaning, and connection but God can only …